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Our gourmet retail shop carries locally made vinegars, mustards, best quality oils and house-made seasonal pickles, preserves and jams from the dish kitchen.

Jars of preserves

Our chefs preserve seasonal produce in small batches, so our selection at any given time might change. Come take a look at our pantry shelves for some delicious and creative preserves, pickles and jams. 

Some things that are on our shelves right now:
Caramelized Peach + Cardamom Jam
Paula’s Mom’s Dill Pickles
Ontario Strawberry, Tarragon + Black Pepper Preserve
Pickled Ontario Asparagus
Tomato Confit

Daily Menu

Jan 16

savoury scone: scallion and cheddar

sweet scone: cherry vanilla

muffin: raspberry lime

soup: mushroom bisque


leafy salad: mixed greens, grilled radicchio, Brussels sprouts, cherry tomatoes, herbed breadcrumbs, parmesan, basil vinaigrette

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