A few weeks ago at dish Chef Paula Bashford taught a feisty Mexican cooking class with an incredible menu. Guests started with a pumpkin and chorizo soup with cilantro pesto, with chorizo from Luis Suarez – the top producer of chorizo in Toronto, available at dish cooking studio semi-cured, in case you’re wondering.

The second course was fish tostadas with chile-lime cream, my favourite dish of the night. Chef Paula worked in Mexico and was able to pass on much of her expertise regarding Mexican ingredients and where to source them in Toronto. These fish tostadas feature queso fresco, a crumbly cows milk cheese which is not super flavourful but adds creaminess to the crunch, as well as tomatillos. Tomatillos, she told the class, are small, green tomatoes that are almost inedible before they are cooked, but make a great salsa.

The main course was a traditional mole chicken, Mexican street salad with peppered rice. The beautiful photographs are courtesy of Paula’s husband Mike Bashford, who came by to sample the menu.

Dessert was formidable sugar-dusted churros with salted caramel sauce and margarita ice cream. If you’ve never had a fresh, warm doughy churro covered in cinnamon and sugar, I can only suggest that you go and locate one immediately. These ones were perfect!

Paula always goes all out for her classes, and at the start of this one her guests were in for a special treat. They all had a little bit of guacamole and chips, pictured below:

The secret is that this guacamole is actually an ice cream made from avocado, cream, toasted coconut, strawberries and mint! With a light wafer as the chip! Check out the dish calendar for more of Paula’s inventive menus and classes for exciting hands-on classes with a knowledgeable, fun chef!