Lady and the Tramp have forever given us humans an impossible standard of romance to live up to, since no one can create as romantic a night as the fateful evening that they shared a certain noodle together.

But Chef Michelle Curnock’s Foods of Love class comes pretty close! “I chose this menu as I think it is a fantastic mix of dish favorites and local ingredients,” Michelle told me. “As well as bringing together some of the famous aphrodisiacs such as oysters, and foods that are fabulously fun to make together such as tortellini and prosciutto with balsamic glaze.”

You are your cooking partner for the evening will learn how to prepare oysters on the half shell with a Niagara cucumber sauvignon mignonette. Oysters are a classic aphrodisiac, ever since the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, gave birth to Eros on an oyster shell. They contain dopamine, which influences sexual desire, and a high level of zinc, complex sugars and proteins which some say contributes to an increased libido. Come to the class and you can be the judge!

After making a roll asparagus in prosciutto with balsamic glaze for the second course, you’ll learn to make fresh tortellini from scratch – a sure way to impress that special someone in the kitchen. You’ll serve the tortellini with wild mushrooms and a honeyed duck breast with plumped cherries. You can make eyes at each other over the tortellini, but it won’t work for any Lady-and-the-Tramp-spaghetti-sharing maneuvers, just as a head’s up.

You’ll finish the night with a rich molten chocolate cake with spicy ginger ice cream and berries. It will be magical.

Chef Michelle’s most memorable romantic dinner is the time she and her husband dined on the beach in Vietnam under the palm trees with their own hot pot. Make your Valentine’s Day as romantic as Vietnam and Lady and the Tramp’s noodle sharing by enrolling in a cosy evening class at dish.

Our February 14th class has already sold out, but we’ve added a February 13th class. If you’re interested in enrolling please call the studio at 416-920-5559.

February 13th, 6:30-9 pm, $135 per person, plus applicable taxes.