In April, Chef Danielle DeRoo led a cooking class on Thai street food. “You could, if you wanted to, eat all your meals at street vendors,” said Danielle. And, she added, “Unlike restaurants you have a first hand view of the meal being prepared for you, so you can see the freshness of the ingredients and the cleanliness, speed and skill of the chef preparing the dish.”

Guests at this class started their meal with Gai Satay, which is chicken satay with peanut sauce followed by Tod Man Plah Klai – pan fried fish cakes. They put together a pomelo (Danielle is cutting into a pomelo in the picture above) coconut and peanut salad before tucking into Pad Thai Noodles. Danielle has traveled Asia extensively and has come to an expert on cooking excellent Thai food.

Danielle and her students put together Larb, a dish which is actually from Laos but also eaten in northeast Thailand. It is a salad served at room temperature of ground chicken, beef or pork (in this case pork) flavoured with fish sauce, mint, lime, lemongrass and thai basil. These are common spices and flavourings; in fact, Danielle told her class, instead of salt and pepper, Thai people have fish sauce, chili sauce, sugar and lime wedges on the table (pictured above).

For dessert, a warm, tasty pancake filled with banana and coconut and drizzled with sweetened condensed milk called Roti Glay. If you think that you’d like to learn how to whip up a Thai feast with a knowledgable instructor, check out Chef Danielle’s Hot Night in Bangkok class in July.